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Howard Lake Fire Department

By the Howard Lake Fire Department

Although called the Howard Lake Fire Department, its role has expanded to many areas over the years. Its purpose remains to protect the citizens of the area.

Along with responding to fires of all kinds, it also is called for fire alarms, rescues, lost children and adults, weather watches, storm damage, accidents, and most anything else where people need help.

Medical situations account for the most calls. Fire department members also are responsible for running the Howard Lake Ambulance.

In 2012, members responded to approximately 302 ambulance calls and 93 fire, rescue, and miscellaneous calls.

The Howard Lake Fire Department may have up to 30 members, and of these, there are currently 24 emergency medical technicians. Members are expected to respond to calls seven days a week and 24 hours a day,

Required training for all new members include Firefighter One Training and a 120-hour Emergency Medical Technician class. Besides this training, there are two meetings monthly: a business meeting and a training meeting. There are also many other training opportunities members are encouraged to attend, including fire schools, medical conferences, specialized training, and other mandatory and voluntary classes.

Over the past several decades, mandatory training has increased in a number of areas. Along with training in fire and medical emergencies, firefighters now must be trained in hazardous materials, weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, national incident management systems, mass casualty incidents, and other areas.

The Howard Lake Fire Department currently serves the city of Howard Lake, all of Middleville Township, a majority of Victor Township, and parts of Albion and Woodland townships. The ambulance service covers those same areas, as well as the city of Waverly and parts of Marysville and Woodland townships.

For larger incidents that require more equipment or manpower, Howard Lake has mutual aid agreements with all other Wright County fire departments.

Funding for the fire department is primarily through tax dollars. A fire board, including members of the fire department, Howard Lake City Council, and Middleville, Victor, Albion, and Woodland township board members, meet annually to set the department budget.

The fire department currently has two fully-equipped pumper trucks, a tanker truck, a heavy rescue unit, a first responder truck, a grass rig, and a Gamma Goat for grass fires. The members also proudly maintain a bit of their past with a 1959 pumper truck and a 1926 Ford Model T pumper truck for parades and special events.

Current officers of the Howard Lake Fire Department are: Chief Tom Diers; First Assistant Chief Merlyn Drusch; Second Assistant Chief Daryl Drusch; fire captains Joe Drusch, Glenn Hofer, and Craig Loebertman; Secretary Joe Sherod; Ambulance Director Steve Bobrowske; and Assistant Ambulance Director Jake Drusch.

While being a fire department member requires a great deal of time and dedication, members will tell you they are very proud of their commitment to protecting their neighbors, and enjoy their time on the department.

Howard Lake Fire Department volunteers

Chief – Tom Diers
First Assistant Chief – Daryl Drusch
Second Assistant Chief – Glenn Hofer
Tim Berg
Denny Bobrowske
Keith Bobrowske
Kurt Bobrowske
Steve Bobrowske
Tim Boese
Joe Dalbec
Richard Diers
Tom Diers
Daryl Drusch
Jake Drusch
Joe Drusch
Merlyn Drusch
Scott Graham
Jeff Granrud
Steve Halverson
Glen Hofer
Tom Kutz
Craig Loebertmann
Alex Mages
Don Mages
Ryan Olson
Dave Peterson
Jeremy Peterson
Joe Sherod
Eric Stoll
Kurt Strub
Mark Stueven