City Fees

Various Howard Lake Fees

Information updated October 2021.

Listed below are fees for licenses, permits, utility hook-ups, and garbage collection. For the full list of fees and charges, or for questions, contact city hall. The city now accepts all major debit and credit cards for payments.

Utility hook-up charges
New water meter $90
Sewer access charge – residential and commercial . $4,491
Water access charge – residential and commercial. $3,080
New homes and businesses are eligible for $5,000 discount.

Water and sewer utility rates
Water $4.26 per 1,000 gallons, $26.88 base rate
Sewer $8.87 per 1,000 gallons, $30.87 base rate
Wastewater Treatment Plant $7.41 per 1,000 gallons
Minnesota Testing Fee $0.53 per month
Storm Water …….$7.99 per month
Technology Fee $2 monthly/meter

Garbage and recycling
30-gallon, per month $10.70
60-gallon, per month $14.40
90-gallon, per month $15.80
Bi-weekly recycling per month $2.25
Citywide cleanup days occur the first Saturday in May and October each year. Fees for this event vary.

Compost fees
Open and free to Howard Lake residents only, open seasonally dawn to dusk.

Building permits
Maintenance Permits $60
Maintenance Commercial Valuation based
New Construction Valuation based
Fence/zoning/shed permit $60
Swimming pool $60
Building maintenance $60
Construction permit Valuation based

Facility rentals
Contact city hall for more information about reserving park space, community room, and South Shore Event Center. Flexible terms, affordable rates.

Permits and licenses
Single family rental license $100
Chicken license $50
Golf cart permit $10
Nuisance violations $50