Fire Department

Members of the HLFD recently took ice water rescue training.

Fire Department

Information updated October 2021.

By the Howard Lake Fire Department

About the HLFD and Ambulance Service

Today’s fire department provides more services than fighting structure and grass fires. Members of the Howard Lake Fire Department and Ambulance Service (HLFD) protect human life and property during critical times of need. Whether it’s fighting fires, storm watches, natural disaster response, traffic accidents, medical emergencies, and even missing persons – the HLFD is ready and responsive.

The HLFD currently services the City of Howard Lake; and Middleville, Victor, Albion, and Woodland Townships. Additionally, the ambulance service area covers the City of Waverly and Marysville Township. For larger or special circumstance responses, the HLFD receives and offers mutual aid to all other Wright County Fire Departments.

Serving beyond our borders

Throughout the past year, the HLFD has responded to some unique and challenging calls, including the Becker Northern Recycling Metal Fire, and two US Highway 12 tanker fires.

HLFD members take great pride in being active members and supporters of our community. The HLFD raises funds and food for the Wright County Food Shelf, hosts an annual Christmas Toy Drive, delivers pizzas for the Fallen Fighter Fund, participates in Good Neighbor Days, National Night Out, and countless other civic events.

The HLFD stayed engaged with the community even during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing drive-by parades for youngsters on their birthdays.

A chance to serve

Like many small, rural departments, the HLFD welcomes additional volunteers willing to step up and serve the community. Members of the HLFD receive hourly pay for calls, and a retirement fund that is based upon years of service.

Requirements: Age 18+, and live within 15 minutes of the Howard Lake Fire Station. No experience necessary. Training and equipment are provided.

Current fire department officers include:

Chief: Keith Bobrowske

Assistant Chief: David Peterson

Assistant Chief: Eric Stoll

Captain: Craig Labertmann

Captain 2: Alex Mages

Captain 3: Brian Kittock

Ambulance Director: Jake Drusch

Members: Tim Berg, Kurt Bobrowske, Seth Bravinder, Josh Dalbec, Chris Diers, Joe Drusch, Nicole Kittock, Amanda Lobertmann, Jeremy Peterson, Joe Sherod, Michal Sprya, Mark Stueven, Kyle Weich, and Andrew Yokiel.