The splash pad was installed in Howard Lake’s Central Park in August.

Parks & Outdoor Recreation

Information updated October 2021.

Howard Lake has multiple parks with up-to-date equipment, public water access, and beautiful terrain.

Howard Lake parks include:

• Lions Park

• Central Park

• Dutch Lake Park

• Lake Ridge Park

• Mallard Pass Preserve

• Shoreline Drive Park

• Memorial Park

Memorial Park

Memorial Park, located near Wright County Road 6, offers plenty of playground equipment, a covered pavilion area for parties and picnics, is the home of the Orphans baseball field, and is the practice field for the American Legion’s traveling baseball team.

Memorial Park includes a volleyball court, a fishing pier, public restrooms, and new bleachers donated by a local family of dedicated Orphans fans.

Lake Ridge Park

Lake Ridge Park, in the Lake Ridge development north of town, was created in 2007. It includes playground equipment for children, and benches for their caretakers.

Dutch Lake Park

Near the Dutch Lake subdivision, one can find the 12th Street Park, which includes an ice skating rink in the winter months, and a nature trail full of wildlife in the warmer months.

Lions Park

Lions Park along Hwy. 12 has been completely refreshed with a new and bigger swimming beach that is handicapped-accessible, a restored green space, and concrete paths around the rain garden and down to the beach. The west end of the park has been outfitted with native plants and rip rap that stabilizes the shoreline.

Opportunities at Lions Park include a boat launch, swimming beach, fishing pier, picnic pavilion, public restrooms, and a variety of playground equipment, making it a great place to host events. In the summer, it is home to the Howard Lake Farmers Market.

Central Park

The four-acre site of the former middle school in Howard Lake has been transformed into a beautiful gathering spot for all ages! The site now has a splash pad — which was completed in August 2021 — a paved and lighted walking path, and a performance amphitheater.

The city is currently working on plans for a new library at the corner of 8th Ave. and 9th St.

The park is designed to encourage community gatherings and celebrations.